Dimension Endowment Of Art 帝門藝術教育基金會

國立臺北護理健康大學教學研究綜合大樓和第三學生宿舍大樓新建工程 公共藝術設置計畫-護生園丁


Healing Charm/Chen Hung-Wei

Stainless Steel, fluorocarbon paint, titanium

海芋素有「護理之花」的美稱,花朵潔白、簡約,花莖筆直、充滿力道。如此剛柔並濟,純潔又正直,正是身為本校學子所需要的品格。 向上伸展的海芋,底部被手溫柔撐托,象徵花開花落皆有其時,但始終有北護大人才的守護與陪伴,走過人生的陰晴圓缺,直至重獲健康。
The arum lily is known as the “flower of nursing.” Its petals are white and minimal in form, its stem straight and powerful. Such a combination of rigidity and softness, purity and integrity, is exactly the character students of National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences need. The arum lily stretches upwards, its base gently supported by a hand. It symbolizes that there are times when flowers bloom and when they fade, but in times of illness we are always safeguarded by the people of National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences, until health is restored. 

Cloud,Mountain,Water/Huang Pei-Ying Shih Cheng-Ze

Stainless steel, lighting

以水的流動和循環意象,呼應本校對於護理、健康照護與管理人才的培育職志。 用水的固態、液態和氣態之三態,訴說一個不停流轉開來的、情境劇場般的「人和水」的故事。創造一個帶有詩情畫意亮點的友善步道空間,邀請行人「入畫」、「入戲」。
The imagery of water flowing and circulating echoes the National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences's nurturing mission of nursing, healthcare and personnel management. The solid, liquid, and gaseous states of water serve to tell a constantly circulating, dynamic story of “people and water,” similar to a stage play. The work seeks to create a pleasant pathway space with poetic and pictorial highlights, inviting pedestrians to “enter the painting” and “enter the play.” 


The Mandala Gardener/Huang Chi-Hsuan,Tsai Chia-Ying

Glass fiber reinforced concrete, ceramic tiles

以「曼達拉(mandala)」作為發想,透過繁複的拼貼,結合藝術工作坊與校內學生共同創作,表現出生命萬象森羅。 在細節積累之中圓融有序,呼應本校以人為本、環境共融、樂、育、親仁的精神,成就生理至心靈照護、從專業至全人通才的視野。
This artwork was inspired by the healing symbolism of the mandala. It represents the richness and diversity of nature through complex and intricate mosaics. It is a collaborative effort between the art studio and the students of National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences. The order that emerges within the accumulation of details echoes the spirit of National Taipei University of Nursing and Health Sciences: centered on humanity, integrated with the environment, joyous, nurturing, and caring. It is a vision that seeks an equilibrium of body, mind, and soul, from the inside out, that extends to all layers of society and humanistic care.